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Abaca Rugs

By Deluxe on Sep 12, 2012
Top: Limited Edition, Middle Left: Limited Edition, Middle Right: Merida, Bottom Left: PPE, Bottom Right: Merida

Natural fiber rugs are great; they're warm and neutral, adding texture to a room while giving a clean, tailored look. One of my favorite natural fibers is Abaca. Made from the Abaca plant, similar to a banana plant and  mostly grown in the Phillipines and Central America, it offers more durability and softness underfoot than other natural fiber rugs, and is available in a variety of colors and terrific chunky weaves. Abaca rugs tend to be thicker than sisal, jute or seagrass, so be sure that any adjacent door swings are high enough to clear this thickness (about 3/4" to 1").

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