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Antique Grain Sack

By Deluxe on May 22, 2012
Top: Pottery Barn, Fabrics: Grain Sack
Antique grain sack is popping up all over the place. It's being used to upholster chairs, settees, ottomans, and to make pillows. It's beautiful, durable and unique, so its rising popularity is no surprise.  These grain sacks were originally produced about 100 years ago on European farms, to bring grain to the mill. Each sack was hand woven from hemp with a distinctive pattern showing which farm it belonged to, sometimes with a hand stitched monogram. This fabric is super sturdy and nubby in texture, not unlike linen.  It's typically not soft enough to use for anything you'd sleep or lounge on, but it's great for anything else.  The width is also narrower than typical fabrics, which is why it's most commonly used on smaller items. Pottery Barn is offering it on pillows as well as by the yard, and if you do an Etsy search for "grain sack" you'll find a treasure trove of good stuff.  I get mine from Grain Sack, an Austrian based Etsy store. They have a great variety of patterns and sizes, the prices are good, and it ships quickly.  Wherever you get it, grain sack adds a bit of history and authentic vintage charm to whatever it touches.

Settee: Dan Marty Designs, Fabrics: Grain Sack

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