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Breaking Ground on the Backyard

By San Francisco Victorian on Jan 26, 2012

After three years and a few false starts we have finally gotten around to focusing on the backyard. We have had many ideas over the past few years but it wasn’t until we hired Adam Wooley and his crew that we came up with an idea that represents the house and our eclectic style. The theme is mid-centrury modern and inspired by the Eames’ with clean lines, sharp angles, and lots of mood lighting.

Below you can see the preliminary design. A few things have changed since then but you’ll just have to wait to see the finished product.

Backyard Design

The slate patio is made of blue slate measuring 2′x3′ at 2″ thick. We decided to run them diagonally to break up the square nature of the backyard. The stone walls around the back are at differing heights to give visual interest and are going to be wrapped in a stacked slate veneer like the one you see below.

The fences on both sides will be getting wrapped in very long horizontal Ipe clapboards which will provide a clean look. The two benches you can see in the diagram are also made of Ipe and will appear to be floating as there will be no posts supporting them. This in conjuction with lighting underneath will give them the effect of being weightless and will make the space feel bigger. There will also be a pergola with heat lamps over part of the yard but more on that later. I’ll be updating with more photos in a few days.

For the time being, here is what the yard looks like. They are getting ready to pour the footing for the walls and benches.

Breaking Ground


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