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Closet Door Turned Chalkboard

By Top This Top That on Aug 22, 2012
The chalkboard revolution is making it's way around my house. Initially it got started here with this board that I made on the wall in  my game room
Next, it surfaced in my kitchen on some re purposed trays hanging on the wall 
 Now I can tell my son to go to his room and sound out his vowels on his closet door
And then when his is finished, I will have him create random words from the letters in his name.
A little chalkboard paint with stenciled letters and vowels on the raised panels of his closet, creates an instant learning environment with plenty of space to practice.

with little pails hung close that I picked up in the $1.00 bins at target for chalk and erasers
 And I need to remember to reinforce this
Who knew the chalkboard revolution could be a learning experience and decorative too. 
Where to next?
PS- Next week I will show you his Star Wars Themed Bedroom and how I decorated it without sending my budget into the Universe.

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