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Beans as Decor!

By Creatively Living on Oct 08, 2012

It’s Day #8 in the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series

(I don’t post one day of the week, so really there will be 27 days of fall decor)

Anyways….today’s topic:

Decorating with Beans!

Are you laughing?

I am laughing….but just because it sounds funny.

Beans actually are perfect to add in decor for fall!

….and we all know beans are cheap. To eat and to decorate with!

I love adding them to jars.

….and I love adding jars in vignettes.

…and I love to put vignettes everywhere.

Especially for fall.

You can add beans to so many places.

Anywhere that you need to look a little more “fall-ish”.

Here I’ve added beans around my candle, and topped them with the only acorns I could find (they were small and green).

Jars, bowls, and trays all look great with beans and candles.

Here are some other bloggers that have shared this frugal idea.

My Heart’s Desire

My Heart’s Desire

My Heart’s Desire

Lookie What I Did even died these beans!

Lookie What I Did

So there ya have it. The topic for day #8: Beans as Decor!

I hope you all had a great weekend!



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