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Dining Room Hutch Finished

By San Francisco Victorian on Oct 07, 2012

Four years ago we started the dinning room project but it wasn’t until recently that we finally installed the glass shelving. We went with glass because it allows the light to illuminate everything and not just the top shelf. The lighting is standard 12v AC lighting ‘pucks’ you can get at any Home Depot, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond. The shelves were about $200 dollars in total and are a 1/4″ thick.

Below you can see the adjustable shelving holes. We own a jig for this purpose, but you can easily make one yourself or just measure twice and drill once.

This is a very simple project and any do-it-yourselfer can tackle it. One piece of advice, use wood to make a template for the glass cutter rather than cardboard. Its easier for you to test fitment and its a better for them to cut from.

For more photos of this project and others, check out the dinning room photo set on Flickr.

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