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Patina Planters

By Make + Haus on Sep 07, 2012


I love the mixed metal and mercury glass trend in houswares right now. It gives a vintage patina to the object, no matter how modern it is. For this week's DIY I set out to make some containers that could be used for houseplants, herbs or as a rustic vase. Happy Weekend! Tutorial below.


Gather your materials:

Quart or Gallon sized unused paint can(s)
Nail or drill bit (for dimpling)
Gold spray paint
Duct tape


Hammer and or/dimple the can by striking it to achieve desired shape.  Spray paint and allow to dry.


Press duct tape onto the can pulling back gently to release some of the paint.  Brushing any jagged paint until the surface is completely smooth and desired patina is achieved.



Time to plant!  Drill a hole in the bottom if your plants require drainage.  If using as a vase, it might be a good idea to spray a matte coat of sealer to keep the paint intact.


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