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Downstairs Bathroom Reveal

By Creatively Living on Jul 13, 2012

First of all....I have NO IDEA why my posts are not going to Google Reader, Bloglovin, or e-mails! My feedburner verifies that it has burned the posts. If anyone is a smarty in this area...or knows someone who! Who do you go to for blog computer problems?

OK moving on from my cry for help....

The downstairs bathroom.....
Really it's our boy's bathroom, so I wanted it to be boy-ish, without being boy theme-ish. 
I also wanted it to be neutral for sales purposes and decent for company, since they usually stay in the basement.

Here are the befores....
The one to the right was the original before. It was flat white, with greenish trim.  Why do people take the time to paint trim green?

My sister lived with us and used this bathroom for 2.5 yrs. She painted it tan about 3 yrs ago. 
I also put some arrows to the gold fixtures, and the random glass shelves that were here and there. 


I'm not incredibly happy with these pictures. This bathroom has the oddest angle and has to be one of the most difficult places to shoot. 


This bathroom was one of those "do it in two nights" type projects.
I painted it, and put those brown-cream sticky tiles. My hubs put in a new toilet and I filled and sanded holes. 
When it came to the decorating point, it was late, but I REALLY wanted to finish it, so out came some random stuff from my back room!

I found this old drawer, and some "this and thats" to go in it, the frames, a sailboat card and a wooden number 9....all seemed to fit a "nautical" theme.


I love the color of this frame and the worn detail. 


Can't go wrong with an old chippy drawer. 


We added new sconces, painted the mirror, took out that random glass shelf and added some pictures. 


The mirror was originally white. It came with the house. I painted it black and highlighted the details with silver paint.


So what art can you find late at night..randomly in a back storage room?
I happened to have this awesome yellow frame, and I had purchased this yellow scrapbook piece at a craft store. I'm not sure what room I bought it for, but I have a lot of yellow, so who knows. I just placed white scrapbook paper behind it.


I love it. It's perfect for a guest bathroom.


I really wanted some vintage nautical prints. I started by looking on line, but my printer was out of ink, so I started looking in some old books of my husbands, remembering how he loved sailing in Hawaii, hoping there would be some picture that would work.
...and yup! One book had the most perfect pictures!



Another picture from that book.
For the Sail sign, I used a old piece of beat-up wood, and cut some old vinyl lettering to make the word "Sail". The letters didn't start as the letters they are now, but this is called "late night improvising!"


Remember the nasty, green trimmed cupboard in the before pictures? It got a fresh coat of white paint, a wood storage basket, some new towels, and.....


...this really great shelf liner from Walmart. It has a bit of cushion and looks like a grass. I highly recommend it for a good shelf liner. 


I wish I had a good before pic of the light. I was going to replace it and my husband said, "I think it looks really cool and nautical." So I gave it some silver spray!


....I love it, and the milk glass shade!


So that's it! I know I bombarded you with pictures! So I might as well add one more! 


* Update since I did this photo shoot (less than a week ago). My husband was tightening the sconces and dropped that old black, (super heavy) mirror on the sink! The mirror was fine, but the sink cracked on both side (figures). It leaks everywhere. So...I guess the bathroom isn't finished after all!

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