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Frames in the Living Room

By Cozy.Cottage.Cute. on Aug 26, 2012

Ever since we purchased a new rug for the living room on our last road trip, I've been anxious to add some details here and there to finish the living room off. It's been in limbo for a long time! One thing the room was lacking: wall art.

A few weeks ago I asked your opinions on three different sets of Etsy prints (thanks so much for your input btw). I didn't really have a particular spot in mind so the shape and number of prints didn't matter at the time.

However the other day I opened up the closet in our spare bedroom and saw three brand new gallery style frames from Chapters Indigo sitting in a bag. Oh yeah, forgot I had those. 

I brought them downstairs and tried to figure out where I could put them. An image from Pinterest stuck out in my mind.... a set of three pictures hung vertically behind a chair.

Check 'em out here:

Image: Pinterest
So I took the three frames from my closet (it was like Christmas, weeeee!) and hung them vertically on a little wall in the corner that was sitting empty for the longest time.
Empty wall. Needs pictures. ASAP.
Three empty frames. Getting there!
Since two of the three sets of prints I was considering were square, I'll need to use this set of small 4x6 prints from The Haunted Hollow Tree on Etsy:  
Image: The Haunted Hollow Tree

Image: The Haunted Hollow Tree

Image: The Haunted Hollow Tree

I did a really terrible mock-up in Photoshop to get an idea of how it would look with these three prints. I think the textured paper and the subtle browns will add a little bit of contrast with the all-white frames and mats. I'll have to get some custom mats cut at a local framing store but I always love how they turn out so I'm looking forward to that!

Well, that's one mini-project that I can cross off my list. Don't you just love that!?!


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