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Going for a Walk in Germantown

By Remodelando la Casa on Jun 15, 2012


Well, Summer has finally arrived for our family! The kids are out of school and we have began our outings around the area!

Last weekend we went for a simple walk to the train station, it's one of our favorite places to go! it's so close we can go there any time!  I still remember going there when our son was just three years old to see the "choo - choo train"! and to wait for the train so we could hear the big whistle and wave good bye to the conductor!


Sometimes when its pretty quite around my house I can hear the roaring train coming by and blowing its goodbye whistle! It makes me smile!


Getting into the tickets office is like going to another era!


All those little architectural details make this place so appealing to me!


Modern features has been added to it! But I love the old world charm that it still holds!


Across the street, once a bank, this old building now holds the Germantown Historical Society.


This area was a business center from 1873 to 1930, where the train station was a big part of it.


The bridge above the train tracks was recently transformed with a beautiful brick pathway!


Going back home we stared at this pretty storage shed sitting by the road side....


...and to all the houses that once were part of the business center...


All the houses that just by looking at them can tell a story!


Like this beautiful sunny one with all its charming decor!


Up close, pretty and colorful!


We kept walking along this one with all those great elevations!


or this one peeking through the trees!


Getting closer to my house/ I got to see this one in a corner, tidier than it used to be!


But after crossing the street we cannot stop admiring the "big house", that's how we call it! The hubs loves it! He has changed it ohhh, so many times! and not changes to what you see here! No.  He has moved it back to the middle of the property, because it's way to close to the street, he says! 

Deep down inside myself I'm glad is there, up front! Where everyone can take a good look at it!


That's a part of why we love going on walk through our neighborhood!



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