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Hacking Ikea

By Deluxe on Oct 08, 2012
ikea hackers

We made a quick family trip to Ikea this weekend for a new easel and some meatballs (seriously). I hadn't been for a while, and it struck me that the appealing, and sometimes overwhelming thing about Ikea is the vastness of possibilities. Adding to this vastness is the world of Ikea hacks available thanks to the clever people at Ikea Hackers. Viewing the inventory as parts to be recombined and modified in endless ways, the contributors to the site have come up with some brilliant ideas. There are also companies that have made a profession out of Ikea hacks. Pretty Pegs sells decorative replacement feet for Ikea sofas, chairs and beds, and Panyl offers custom inserts and modifiers for specific lines of Ikea furniture, such as the Expedit line of shelving. You may also remember my own simple Ikea hack involving a Lack table and snake print leather. I'm fascinated by the creativity that goes into all of these ideas, and have found myself wasting--I mean spending--hours poring over the Ikea Hacker archives. Some favorites:

  1. Knuff Transformable Coffee Table
  2. Belt Seat
  3. Estelle, Teak with Brass Cap - Pretty Pegs
  4. Tradig Metal Chandelier
  5. Expedit, Red Hot - Panyl
  6. High Times for Billy
  7. Freeform Crocheted Marius
  8. Pimp My Poang

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