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I’ll Take It

By House*Tweaking on Oct 05, 2012

So you know how I’ve been searching for a stool for my desk in the kitchen? Well, it found me this week.

It’s eerily similar to these but with metal legs instead. Total coincidence. It was dirty, rusting and not in the best condition but I sat on it and it felt comfy and sturdy. I wasn’t sure if it was ‘the one’ but for $10 how could I not buy it? So I told the seller, “I’ll take it.”

I did have to put a little money and elbow grease into it.

The rubber feet protectors were dry rotted.

I removed them with a utility knife and pliers.

I found these 3/4″ rubber protectors {oy, that came out wrong!} at Home Depot for $2. I wasn’t feeling the elderly cane rubber tip look but, hey, at least they weren’t tennis balls. I had a plan to make them blend in a little better.

You see, the metal was showing signs of rust so I knew I was going to spray paint it right off the bat. I figured I could paint the rubber tips to match.

Upon careful inspection {i.e. sitting on the stool and noticing a slight lean to my left}, I discovered a screw that had rusted through and broken. I replaced it with a new one.

Then I wiped the stool down and rounded up some plastic bags, painters tape and gloss black spray paint to remedy the rusting metal frame.

I wrangled the stool into submission with the suffocating bags and tape. I covered the wood seat and back. I also taped off the bottom of the feet.

Then I sprayed the entire frame gloss black. I thought about taping off the chrome square support and spraying it chrome but decided that would be too tedious. Mabrey was napping so I was working on borrowed time.

I let the stool air out in the garage for a few days and finally brought it into the kitchen this morning. Oooh. Shiny. The rubber tips are already scuffed up. Turns out, spray paint doesn’t stick to rubber so well. But I’m still happy with the results. Especially since I only have $16 total {$10 stool + $2 rubber tips + $4 spray paint = $16} invested in the stool.

Here’s a better picture of the worn seat. I love the patina. And it won’t bother me one bit when the kids accidentally scratch it or draw on it.

The wood tone plays well with the island’s walnut countertop.

The size and shape of the stool fit me to a T.

Did I mention it swivels? This is a great little feature that will allow me to keep an eye on my kids in the kitchen or family room while I’m working. You know, when the eyes in the back of my head get tired.

I don’t know if the stool will better my blogging but it makes me smile when I sit in it.

Wanna know what else makes me smile? Being in the running for Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color! I submitted Mabrey’s room in the dark category a week or so ago on a whim. I wasn’t looking to win. I had no idea there was even a prize involved. But now that I’m in the running and I discovered there is a fabulous prize involved {$200 to Sherwin-Williams + $1000 to Thrive Home Furnishings!!}, I WANT TO WIN. If you like Mabrey’s nursery or if you want to see what I would do with that prize stash {let’s see, that would be equivalent to 75 of these stool makeovers – HA!}, please vote for Mabrey’s room right here. Thank you for your vote in advance!

Tackling the fabric circles mobile and the stool makeover this week has my momentum going again. Funny how all it took was making time for two easy projects to get me back on track.

Happy weekend! I hope you find the time to do something that makes you smile.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

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