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Make Your Own "Exit" Sign

By it all started with paint on Aug 29, 2012


I can still hear my mom asking that …

 ... and not in a sing-songy voice.

It was more like ...

In. Or. Out.!?

In her clenched-teeth frustrated you better make a decision now and that decision had better be final because there is no going back once your decision has been made voice.


You know that voice, right?

Because chances are you’ve used that very same voice with your very own kids …

Can you remember the first time you sounded just like your mother?  I can’t pinpoint the exact moment.  Or the exact phrase uttered ...

... which I'm pretty certain stopped my in my tracks ...

... but I do know it must've been sometime when my first-born was two or three years old.

And when your next door neighbor tells her third child of a husband that those piles of scrap lumber hanging around inside the house must go out, out, out …


… and you see that neighbor in his backyard cutting up that lumber to make it easier to go out, out, out into the alley…

DSC_0432 (900x596)

Naturally you’d ask him for a few boards.  You know, so you can hop on that making distressed signs and hanging them up around the house trend …

And what did I make?  Not one but two EXIT signs.

Two EXIT signs to hang over the two doorways in my kitchen.  Two doorways on the same wall.  Two doorways that, essentially, EXIT to the same place.


The first attempt at this project involved an EXIT and and ENTER sign.

DSC_0482 (900x596)

But ENTER was bugging me.  And since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen each day I knew ENTER would taunt me to no end ...

... which would be bad for my digestion ...

So I cracked open the red paint and started again …

DSC_0484 (900x596)

I dry brushed with the leftover Yarmouth Blue I put on the kitchen walls …

DSC_0492 (900x596)

… followed by the glossy white I used on the trim.

For the letters I went old school.

DSC_0463 (900x596)


The arrows were free-formed using painter’s tape …

DSC_0466 (900x596)

Next up:  Sanding.  By hand.  Followed by a white washing.

DSC_0506 (900x596)

I just mixed my white paint with some glazing medium (you can get the same effect using water) and brushed it on … and wiped it off with rag.

So, where do you stand?

In or out?


To be honest, when my mom asked us that question in her frustrated you-need-to-make-a-final-decision-now voice …


… I'm pretty sure she was silently rooting for out.


P.S. If you're "out" ... but still "in" with reading more of my finely honed prose ... then you can check me "out"At The Picket Fence today by clicking here ... 


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