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Making the Most of Your Tiny Kitchen

By HomeCentrl on Aug 16, 2012

 Unfortunately, not every home is blessed with limitless kitchen space, with counter and shelf space as far as the eye can see. Oftentimes, homeowners have to make do with the little amount of space allocated to them. With both large and small cooking tasks, the lack of room can severely restrain the flow of the kitchen. But there are several ways you can take control and open up your kitchen’s limited square footage. The following are tips that can help give your kitchen a more spacious feel and make the most of your space:
1. Minimize Your Inventory
One major reason why homeowners quickly run out of kitchen space is because they simply have too many items. Whether from the sheer amount of utensils or fancy appliances, such items can quickly fill up the limited kitchen space. Instead, try to limit your items strictly to what you need and use frequently.
A well designed small kitchen
 One tip is to choose appliances that can be used for multiple purposes, instead of specialty items built for a single use. 
2. Practice Organization
Nothing holds back cooking more so than a messy, disorganized kitchen. Instead of dealing with cluttered countertops and ingredients all over the place, try to develop an organizational plan to help you master your kitchen space. One way to keep things organized is to place similar objects together, making it easier to locate items while cooking. 
3. Create More Storage Where you Can
The lack of storage space can have a dire effect on the kitchen, strictly limiting the items that can be stowed away. However, a little DIY can help greatly increase the storage capabilities of any kitchen. For example, if your walls are bare, then installing shelves or adding cabinet space will allow you to place items out of your way. A cheaper alternative is to place hooks or racks wherever you can, allowing you to make the most of your vertical space. Another way to expand your storage area is to invest in plastic containers, which can hold your dry foods and other ingredients in a variety of places. 
4. Buy Only What You Need
Nothing clutters a kitchen faster than unnecessary items, ranging from appliances to produce. Therefore, make sure you avoid this problem by only buying what you absolutely need. Try to minimize your shopping list, buying food that’s in season or that are used in a variety of recipes. Pick kitchen items that will be used frequently, instead of novelty items that are used for a single purpose. By minimizing your shopping list, you can prevent overwhelming your kitchen with too much items. 
5. Keep Counters Clear
If you’re suffering from a lack of space, don’t sacrifice it any further by filling it with unnecessary items. Appliances can be packed away into cupboards and shelves, giving you more room to cook and clean. Not only will this speed up your cooking time, it’ll also give your kitchen the appearance of being more spacious than it actually is.

 Christine Cooney is a writer at The House Designers, writing articles on DIY and home improvement on The House Designers blog. She loves learning about architecture, gardening, and home decor.


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