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My Serenity Deck

By Top This Top That on Sep 12, 2012
Welcome to my little place, tucked in the corner of my garden that's just mine.I call it my Serenity Deck. 
My little escape. It's where my kids send me for my "time outs". It's where the family knows they need to make a reservation in advance if mama is on the deck and they need me.
This weekend my little Oasis got a quick and inexpensive makeover. The makeover actually revolved around these $4.00 pillows. 
End of season sale pillows at the Home Depot and a $6.00 side table that I picked up at a garage sale.
What's cool about the table, is that the top is a removable tray so when I am in 'time out' I can move it around.
The chairs were freshened up as well with a few coats of Aqua Spray paint. They were looking a bit drab and beat. Certainly not something that I wanted to be sitting in during my moments of escape.
 When I do feel like having company( with a reservation of course), it makes a great spot for a date night with my husband. IMG_9738.JPG
Or I can just sit here all day with my Restoration Hardware catalog and eat watermelon and pretend that I don't hear the kids screaming!
Can you believe the size of that thing? It may take me all day just to read it. Oh well.

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