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The Closet Cometh Down

By Picardy Project on Sep 20, 2012

On a completely unrelated note: this whole new blogger dashboard is really freaking me out. I am a creature of habit and this creature does not like change. Sure, the new dashboard is cleaner, more streamlined and appears a lot more simple to use, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, damnit. I'll probably be in love in about a week, but right now I'm very uncomfortable.

ANYWAY. Chris and I were good worker bees yesterday and got the hall demo closet demo'd. It was a task that took us about 45 minutes, but it makes a HUGE difference having it gone. First off I removed the hardware



(Haha, I didn't realize you could see sick Chris on the couch in the background!)

I took off all the magnetic hardware because we will likely use that some other time either on the future cabinet we build or another cabinet in the house. Once I got that all taken out I took down the doors. I have never quite understood why people demo doors by going at them with a sledgehammer. I don't actually find it very satisfying because they bang all around and it doesn't actually go much faster. I used the handy dandy drill and had them off in about 2 minutes. And then they conveniently slid right into the garbage because they were all in one piece.

 Naturally, at this point Chris got too excited not to participate so he got up from resting on the couch (he's now coughing up a lot of phlegm and just really tired) and started to take apart the walls of the closet


They came down pretty quickly with the prybar and some kicking, and then it was time to repeat the process for the interior back and side 


One fun discovery was the apparent carpet they had in the hallway at some point. We're guessing that this closet was put up in the 60s or 70s (that's when many renovations were done in the house) and some time before that there was carpet down. Gorgeous :)


After prying to get the particle board off the walls and carpet off the ground we were left with a vacant corner (and a dirty floor)


Another discovery, the wallpaper and a strange little alcove


We aren't really sure what this alcove was for. What's most interesting is that it appears to be original to the home because of the framing inside of it. Our best guess was that it was for an ironing board. Got any other ideas? And yes, that wallpaper is pretty awesome. It's actually grown on me in the last 18 hours, hehe.

But the most awesome thing is how open that corner feels now


It's a weird little corner that's for sure. Based on the placement of the wall paper, the condition of the plaster above it, and the placement of the trim, this corner closet definitely had a starting point and evolved several times over the years. It's interesting that a simple corner of the house apparently went through many changes. And will go through yet another one. Chris and I really love how open it is now. This is the view now from the TV room, into the hallway 


And this is what it used to look like (circa March of this year when we were starting to work on the TV room)


You used to not even be able to peek into the office. And now there's a clear shot straight through. It's weird how much a little thing like that makes a huge difference. And even walking through the hallway now feels so much better because that hulking closet is gone. I had always wanted to rebuild one a bit smaller in its place, and now that Chris and I like the open feeling so much we're brainstorming all sorts of things we could do there. Maybe a small closet built into the corner, maybe a really shallow one built only into one wall...either way, we've got lots of time to think about it.

Oh! And really actually the best part? The floors underneath are in awesome condition and don't need patching at all. Hooray! I thought this would be more difficult and more annoying, but it was actually kind of awesome. I love when that happens :)

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