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The Fixer Upper: Window Placement 'n' Stuff

By Cozy.Cottage.Cute. on Jul 04, 2012
Thanks for checking in on me today even though I've been AWOL for the past week or so. I've been meaning to write some good posts about some of our decision making over at The Fixer Upper but it's been way too chaotic for me to sit down and even try to write a coherent sentence.

Until today. It's so hot that the little guy and I are just vegging on the couch with all the blinds and shades drawn to keep it cooler in here. I thought I'd fill you in on a few of the big realizations we've come to since taking on this giant project a few short weeks ago.

1) We really were pretty crazy to take this on.

2) We are both WAY too perfectionistic (is that a word?) and OCD to "flip a house" in the quick and cheap kind of way.

3) We have much more work to do than we thought, as we are unhappy with the quality of some of the work and/or decision making (but not all) that was done prior to us buying the house.


Today I'll share an example but trust me, I've got lots more.  ;) 

So, the first example is window placement. There is a "new" bedroom and "new" bathroom built in the back of the house that was originally a laundry room / mudroom. I think that this was a great idea and a good use of space. However, the Flippers kept one window in the bathroom and one window in the bedroom - both of which face the side yards of the house. What this means is that there is not a single window (or door) on the main floor that looks out or goes into the backyard. Which is weird. How are you going to yell at someone from the deck to bring out another beer orange juice? Or watch kids play / check on the dog?

This picture is of the "new" bedroom. You can see that there is one side window: 

"New" bedroom.

This picture is the other side of the bedroom and you can see there are no windows that look into the backyard:

"New" bedroom.
The problem with the "new" bathroom window placement is that the window is kinda large and looks right into the neighbour's driveway. Um, not so good for privacy ifyaknowwhatImean. It's also completely blocked off when the door is open which would be most of the time. 

Photo of the bathroom window being blocked by the door:


Here's what we decided (see #2 above).

We are going to take the two windows (the one from the bathroom and the one from the bedroom) and re-install them both on the back wall of the bedroom. Having two large windows at the back of the bedroom will let more light in, create a view and access to the backyard, and help with furniture placement in the room.

Since that leaves no window in the bathroom, we are going to purchase a new, smaller one and install it on the back wall also facing the backyard.


Here is a photo of my handyman at work removing the bedroom window:


I know that we could have just lived with the windows how they were, but ultimately we want to have a house that is attractive AND functional, both for Alex's parents now and for the future owners down the road when/if we decide to sell.

Now wait 'til you hear about the floors........... :S


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