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The Pursuit of a Casual Bedroom

By House*Tweaking on Aug 31, 2012

As we head into a long weekend, I’m contemplating the master bedroom. Despite the name, I don’t want it to feel master-ish. At all. I prefer an informal, casual, laid-back bedroom. I like masculine lines with a few feminine details thrown in. Much like the rest of my house.

Here are a few bedrooms that are fueling my quest for a casual bedroom.

industrial white

I love the mood of this room. Carefree and casual. The mismatched art and leaning floor mirror lend to the informal look. The chrome task light bedside and naked bulb pendant are great industrial elements. The teeny vase of flowers and scalloped coverlet are subtle feminine details. And how does one go about making an unmade bed look so inviting?! I want bedding that looks great whether it’s properly smoothed and folded or just tousled.

warm & cozy

I like the warmth of this organic bedroom. The cozy walls, linen bedding and wood nightstand all make for an inviting space.

masculine and white

This room is a tad more minimal than what I’d like for my own bedroom but I do like the idea of using a leather accent piece – like a chair, ottoman or hide rug – along with some fresh greenery. I don’t think my Type A personality would allow for a stack of books on the floor but I would use a reading corner in the bedroom if I had one.


airy bedroom

This bedroom is a total dream. Vaulted ceilings and french doors ain’t happen’ in our bedroom but having a ‘dream’ room for inspiration can be useful. Horizontal plank walls and an industrial pendant {albeit not this big} are doable in my average bedroom. I’m not saying that we’ll go that route but they’re definitely worthy options.

This is how a room starts for me. I first find rooms that feel good to me and don’t worry too much about what will/won’t work in my own space. I find common elements and note them. It’s not my intention to copy inspirational rooms but to interpret their mood in an affordable way that works in my home.

This is our bedroom as of today. I purchased new nightstands that HH and I both love so they are staying. We finally got around to hanging a leather nailhead headboard that I picked up at Ballard Designs Outlet for a steal last fall. It’s super comfy for sitting up and reading in bed and the curvy lines add a little feminine touch. The bedside IKEA task lights are brand new. We’ve been living with them for about a week. I like their industrial aesthetic but I’m not quite sold on their finish – a glossy gray. HH likes them as-is. For now, they’re staying just the way they are but I might end up spray painting them. We’ll see.

Obviously, I’ve got my work cut out for me. I need to address window treatments, overhead lighting and the open closet. On top of that, I want to find a rug, new bedding {our coverlet looks like a big napkin!} and brainstorm a reading corner on the opposite side of the room. Nothing will happen overnight. I’m content letting my ideas simmer for a while. Who knew making a room look effortless would take so much effort?

What decor ideas will you be turning over in your mind – or bringing to life! – this holiday weekend?

images: 1) via Pinterest - if you happen to know the source, please tell me! 2) William Waldron for Elle Decor 3) DISC Interiors 4) via Pinterest - if you happen to know the source, please tell me!

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