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Totally Inspired Monday: Coral

By Classy Clutter on Jul 16, 2012

Hi friends! Holy smokes, sitting in the hospital for 2 days with a baby is hard work. I'm exhausted! My little Parker is two years old and came down with some kind of virus. He wouldn't eat or drink and he has a fever we're battling but now he's home and hydrated so we're on the up! Next step is getting him to eat but at least he is taking fluids. Thanks for all of the prayers and love for my sweet friends and family! 

I have been contemplating adding coral (and maybe some gold) to my living room for a while now. I absolutely love the color and I love that my living room is neutral enough to add or remove little pops of color as I see fit. I have a thing for change in decor if you haven't guessed yet. :)

Here are some inspiring photos that are making me really excited to add this fun color!

via Decor8

In this one, I love the bold frames on the wall and the aqua sideboard. 

I cannot find the source for this photo but those chairs are too die! Makes me want to reupholster mine but I'm not quite sure I'm brave enough yet. My chairs were a project and a half to reupholster. Boo!

I bought this cute fabric to make some pillows for the room already so I guess I'm committed to adding the color already! You can buy this pillow on etsy.

I love the coral and teal and the dark grey sideboard. YUM! Mood board from the Hunted Interior.

Such a pretty room from DecorPad. I kinda like the idea of the ottoman but my living room is pretty small so I'm not sure that'll work...but it is too cute! 

Finally, Holy smokes i love everything about this. I love the sofa and I could see each of these things fitting nicely in my living room! Mmm! Mood board from Live Originally. Can you say eye candy?!

Hope you're having a fantastic day and PLEASE come back tomorrow to see one of the biggest projects I've tackled... like ever! I'm super excited about it!

Again, thanks so much for your prayers. Keep praying for my little guy! XOXO,
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