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Cher-Ann Texter

I am a draftsman, crafter, DIY-er, and mom. I love being able to create and want to help others create as much as possible!

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How To: Keep Lumber Running Smoothly Through the Table Saw

By Cher-Ann Texter on Aug 30, 2012

When I was using Big Daddy (my table saw) the other day, I noticed the lumber wasn't running through the saw as smooth as it usually does . It was time for a cleaning... You see,... Continue reading

paint, how to, diy

How To: Make and Use Chalk Paint

By Cher-Ann Texter on Aug 20, 2012

Chalk paint is so popular! I think it looks so fab with its flat, smooth finish! I have been wanting to try it for a while and finally built the perfect project but spent weeks... Continue reading

woodworking, how to

How To: Apply Edge Banding to Plywood

By Cher-Ann Texter on Aug 08, 2012

Plywood is one of the most economical building materials out there. It comes in various thicknesses, sizes, and species. Covering the edges can be a problem for some. The edges can be covered with small... Continue reading

woodworking, diy, how to, furniture

How To: Build a Rustic Basket

By Cher-Ann Texter on Aug 02, 2012

I love the “rustic” look of baskets and boxes! This would be an easy and quick way to use up a few scraps laying around! I thought it would be great on the picnic table... Continue reading

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Installing Drawer Fronts

By Cher-Ann Texter on Jul 21, 2012

Your daily dose of happiness... Easy Way to Install Drawer Fronts Installing drawers fronts, to me, has always been intimidating. There is nothing worse than building a beautiful cabinet, only to install the drawer fronts... Continue reading

how to, furniture

How To: Install Drawer Slides

By Cher-Ann Texter on Jul 17, 2012

When I first started woodworking, I found drawer slides to be very intimidating! I could not figure out how to get the hardware on the cabinet side to line up perfectly with the hardware on... Continue reading

woodworking, diy

DIY Tower Shelf

By Cher-Ann Texter on Jul 01, 2012

As I was drawing the plans for the X-Tower for The Design Confidential , I was also making plans to build it with some of the scraps I already had. My mom asked me to... Continue reading

how to, diy

How To: Make a Framed Cork Board with Wine Bottle Corks

By Cher-Ann Texter on Jun 29, 2012

I made this board for Mr. Awesome for our anniversary representing some of the bottles of wine we’d shared over the past year. I thought I had enough corks but apparently not… This is still a work... Continue reading

woodworking, how to

How To: Cut a 2x4 in Half

By Cher-Ann Texter on Jun 17, 2012

I like to use 2×2 lumber in a lot of the furniture I build. Where I live, I have a hard time finding 2x2s that are not twisted or bowed, and are in usable shape... Continue reading

repurposing, diy, how to, lighting

How To: Make a Lamp with a Liquor Bottle

By Cher-Ann Texter on Jun 07, 2012

A few posts back, I shared instructions on how to make a lamp from a wine bottle… This lamp is much cooler and is the ultimate accessory for the man cave! A diamond tip drill... Continue reading