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Melina Divani

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architecture, interior design

Casa Talia by Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta

By Melina Divani on Sep 17, 2012

Casa Talia by architects Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta. Arabic houses in the Medina inspired hotel located in Modica, Italy. It is a small oasis in the historical center of Modica, surrounded by a beautiful baroque background. A redevelopment of... Continue reading

architecture, interior design

Hunting Island Cottage by Knickerbocker Group

By Melina Divani on Sep 10, 2012

    A dream cottage house called Hunting Island Cottage with amazing view, located in Hunting Island, Maine designed by Knickerbocker Group. Rough stone walls, antique furniture, crisp but soft decor, a spectacular cottage!    It... Continue reading

architecture, interior design

Bohemian Apartment by Incorporated

By Melina Divani on Sep 04, 2012

    A modern bohemian house located in New York, designed by Incorprated. This amazing house is full of colors and inspiring details.       Dining room with Adelman fixture. Dining room with birch screen and... Continue reading

nursery, furniture, interior design

10 Cool Bunk Beds

By Melina Divani on Sep 04, 2012

  A collection of 10 cool bunk beds.   Treehouse bed by Kid’s room. A truly unique bed in the style of a tree-house- bedtime doesn’t need to be boring anymore! This mid-sleeper bed has... Continue reading

interior design

Capri Suite Hotel by Zeta Studio

By Melina Divani on Aug 10, 2012

Capri suite hotel located in the heart of the ancient village of Anacapri, above Capri, designed in the remains of 16th century convent beside the San Michele church by one of my favorite, the italian arcitect Giuliano Andrea... Continue reading

bedrooms, decor, decor

10 Dream Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

By Melina Divani on Jul 24, 2012

Master bedroom is an old fashioned name wich persists in the face of changing times because it has always described the most important bedroom in a house. The name master bedroom, conjures up impressions of... Continue reading

bedrooms, interior design

Dream All-White Bedroom Interiors

By Melina Divani on Jul 18, 2012

White opens up the smallest spaces and makes them feel clean and fresh. Check out these dream all white bedroom ideas! Modern, white bedroom designed by Mark English Architects. This beautiful headboard is a pleated... Continue reading


Beach House in Brazil by ArqDonini

By Melina Divani on Jul 15, 2012

Jungle beach house in São Sebastião, Brazil designed by ArqDonini architects.   Set inside a fantastic preserved area of rain forest, on the coast of São Sebastião, just 10Km from Barra do Una Beach, this... Continue reading

architecture, interior design

Barn Conversion by SHED Architecture & Design

By Melina Divani on Jul 14, 2012

An amazing transformation by Shed. The project involved the conversion of a barn into living space supporting a variety of activities and guests. The program called for a workroom/kitchen, an apartment, a bunk room, and... Continue reading

decor, bedrooms, kids

18 Cool Boys' Bedroom Ideas

By Melina Divani on Jul 09, 2012

Need inspiration for your kis’s room? Ckeck out this collection of cool and ergonomic boys bedroom ideas in different colors and styles.                          ... Continue reading