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Picardy Project

Picardy Project

Chris and I are enjoying the adventure of renovating our first house together. Seeing as every room of the house and nearly the entire exterior will need a facelift, it will be a long process.....

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Countdown: 4 Days

By Picardy Project on Oct 08, 2012

We leave in 4 days, bah!!!!! We had a lengthy to do list this weekend. And it felt like the first weekend in a month (because it was) that I could actually contribute to housework.... Continue reading


The Evolution of a House

By Picardy Project on Oct 02, 2012

One of the more interesting things we've discovered as we've been slowly working away on our house the last 3 1/2 years is how much our home has evolved. And I'm not just talking about... Continue reading

walls, bathroom, demolition, diy

There's a Hole in Our Wall

By Picardy Project on Oct 01, 2012

Eventually, at some point, maybe in the future, we'd like to FINALLY get to working on the back bathroom. We have of course mentioned it before. For the last 18 months we've always said, "That's... Continue reading

deck patio & porch, diy, diy

Fence in a Day

By Picardy Project on Sep 27, 2012

Yesterday Chris and I got about 80% of the fence up, hooray! We still have a bit in the corner that needs to be replaced, but that's also a portion that we didn't tear down,... Continue reading

landscaping, diy

When Your Yard Is a Landfill

By Picardy Project on Sep 25, 2012

This weekend our backyard looked like a bomb went off. Some of you may thing we're very productive and get lots of work done, but the trade off is that sometimes we don't pick up... Continue reading


The Front Yard: How It's Holding Up

By Picardy Project on Sep 24, 2012

It's been about a month since the front yard Before & After so I thought I'd post about how things are holding up. The first piece of news is bad: the penstemons in our mosaic... Continue reading

remodeling, demolition

The Closet Cometh Down

By Picardy Project on Sep 20, 2012

On a completely unrelated note: this whole new blogger dashboard is really freaking me out. I am a creature of habit and this creature does not like change. Sure, the new dashboard is cleaner, more... Continue reading

garages, paint

Refinishing the Garage

By Picardy Project on Sep 11, 2012

Clearly when you're doctor removes your cast but then decides to stick you in a can boot (and soon to be plastic brace) for another 4 weeks and tells you to stay off your feet... Continue reading

siding, garages, repair, diy

Repairing Our Neighbor's Garage

By Picardy Project on Sep 06, 2012

Chris actually worked on this project last weekend (as in 10+ days ago), but I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the last several days so I haven't had... Continue reading


Before & After: The Front Yard

By Picardy Project on Aug 28, 2012

Hooray, hooray, hooray a Before & After is here! It has been quite a while since I have posted Before & After pics, so I am very happy to share our front yard transformation (though... Continue reading