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86'n It

Nicole Rittenour

86'n It is a blog detailing the DIY journey of two architects and a baby in the long, long process of renovating a 1920's house.

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walls, diy

'Baking' Our Back Porch Wall

By Nicole Rittenour on Sep 26, 2012

In 2-1/2 weeks we will have some very cool, very handy visitors ready to help us tackle a project. I should probably decide what project we want them to tackle, huh? First, we thought we... Continue reading


Reclaiming the Backyard

By Nicole Rittenour on Sep 24, 2012

Remember all the blood, sweat and tears we spent turning our backyard from this to this? Well, I have a confession: Until this week, we haven't been out there for months. [insert frown-y face] And... Continue reading

kitchen, interior design

Kitchen Dilemma

By Nicole Rittenour on Sep 17, 2012

Ok, we have a little kitchen Dilemma and need your help. Kitchen Window Dilemma Poll over here at top----------------------> Original plan was a bench per this post. Then we decided we wanted a counter top with... Continue reading

walls, repurposing

DIY Discovery: Vintage Coke Signs

By Nicole Rittenour on Aug 20, 2012

In the process of clearing the junk room, I was faced once again with what to do with our 16 vintage coke signs. We discovered them during our kitchen demo because they were being used... Continue reading

kitchen, remodeling, kids

Renovating with Kids

By Nicole Rittenour on Aug 15, 2012

Renovating is hard. Renovation with kids is a million times harder. (but it can also be pretty hilarious.) I think in a perfect world we would have finished our renovation before having kids, but here... Continue reading

landscaping, diy

DIY Gravel Garden Path

By Nicole Rittenour on May 30, 2012

We have slowly been working on the garden path. Not only does this path give us good access to the garden, but it also gives us an easy way to get the garden to the... Continue reading



By Nicole Rittenour on May 08, 2012

Ok, I'm a little too excited about this. Which probably means the bugs and/or bugs are going to eat all these sprouts soon. Funny thing is, I wrote this post on the way to Indy... Continue reading


1 Tomato, 2 Tomato, 3 Tomato, Floor.

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 29, 2012

We spent this weekend trying to wrangle a small cast-legged child in the backyard while doing landscaping/gardening. The fence line was starting to look pretty bad so I weeded, turned over all the soil, removed... Continue reading

diy, furniture, repair

Malm Bed Fix

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 25, 2012

So, our 10 year old Malm bed from Ikea ($199) has been through 4 moves and has been having some issues lately. Namely, the new-ish wood slat frame we got for it has been slipping... Continue reading


How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 15, 2012

No Silver Bells here, just lots of veggies and herbs. It might be a tad early to plant in this area, but we've had a very warm spring and the next month is INSANE for... Continue reading