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Scott Sidler

My name is Scott Sidler and I'm crazy about historic old houses. Join me as I blog about my experiences restoring these beauties, tips for caring for your own historic home, and creative DIY projects.

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architecture, interior design, sustainability

Why a Tiny House Should Be Your Next House

By Scott Sidler on Aug 06, 2012 The Tiny House movement is a growing trend in home design today. You might be surprised to find that a Tiny House is the perfect answer to living better than you ever imagined. With... Continue reading

architectural history, preservation, safety

5 Dangers Hiding in Your Old House

By Scott Sidler on Aug 28, 2012

I admit, it’s a pretty sensational title, but there are indeed 4 things lurking within most any old house that could potentially spell disaster for you and your family. And knowing how to properly handle... Continue reading

windows, repair, how to

How To: Unstick an Old Window

By Scott Sidler on Aug 20, 2012

If your house is old enough to have needed a new paint job in its life then you might have a couple windows that have been painted shut. If your house is as old as... Continue reading

architectural history

"Dead as a Doornail"

By Scott Sidler on Aug 15, 2012

Just a little fun mid-week post about something I’ve been thinking about. Who hasn’t used the phrase “Dead as a doornail” at some point in their life? And how many of us actually know where... Continue reading

architectural history, preservation

Folk Victorian Style

By Scott Sidler on Aug 13, 2012

Cross-gabled folk victorian on Martha’s Vineyard The Folk Victorian style is one of the most often found styles of historic homes in America. Folk Victorians can be found in almost every state and chances are... Continue reading

preservation, remodeling

7 Keys to a Successful Renovation

By Scott Sidler on Jul 29, 2012

Before starting any renovation (especially on a historic property) there are 7 questions you should always ask. And knowing the answers to these questions will make for the smoothest project possible. So, I thought I’d... Continue reading

architectural history, doors, windows, interior design

The Dutch Door: A Breath of Fresh Air

By Scott Sidler on Jul 22, 2012

The Dutch Door has been around since the 17th century. And through the centuries its iconic design has been found in homes across the globe. But this door has a special relationship with the earliest... Continue reading

walls, how to

How To: Install Beadboard Wainscoting

By Scott Sidler on Jul 16, 2012

Wainscoting is one of the best ways to dress up a boring room. And for a historic home’s bathroom nothing fits better than breadboard wainscoting. We’ll walk you through the best way to install a... Continue reading


Your Most Useful Tool Ever!

By Scott Sidler on Jul 10, 2012

What is your most useful tool? Everybody who works with their hands has one. Even if you don’t work with your hands you have one (iPhone, computer, musical instrument, etc.) It’s the one tool that... Continue reading

decor, repurposing

Ideas for Decorating with Salvage

By Scott Sidler on Jun 19, 2012

Photo courtesy   Shabby-chic, French country, vintage, repurposed, picking, salvage..there are tons of names for taking old materials and incorporating them into your home. It can be as easy as getting a great deal... Continue reading