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Shirin Sarikhani

Wife & Mother. I love my life and I'm a passionate home stager and decorator in Seattle, WA. My life is hectic, but my house is organized.

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Is Transitional Decorating Style For You?

By Shirin Sarikhani on Aug 30, 2012

3 What is a Transitional decorating style? Basically a transitional style is the “New Traditional” where the classic style has been updated. Most likely you have come across it if you have stepped into a... Continue reading

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Paint Color Selection: White Paint Myths

By Shirin Sarikhani on Jul 13, 2012

White paint!  It seems that many people have a love - hate relationship with white paint.  Frequently, when I meet with my interior design clients OR home sellers, I hear comments like those listed below... Continue reading