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Todd Vendituoli

Is about home,construction, connections, advice, a forum and any of the blox we use to build in life.

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architectural history

Sunday Funday Photos: Barns

By Todd Vendituoli on Sep 16, 2012

This Sunday I think we'd have a look at some barns just for fun. Older but still in use Newer barn that reflects the changes in farming I would assume that there are many cows... Continue reading

Metal Roofing Installation

By Todd Vendituoli on Sep 13, 2012

Installing metal roofing on a home is a great investment. It does cost more initially but a metal roof will last for years, easily shed snow and reflects sun from the attic helping to provide... Continue reading

paint, walls, interior design, diy

Painting Ideas for a Quirky Feature Wall

By Todd Vendituoli on Aug 30, 2012

Untitled document A feature wall is a great way to bring character to a room and can be a fun DIY project. Here are two ideas for a quirky alternative to a traditional feature wall... Continue reading

kitchen, storage, interior design

Making the Most of Your Tiny Kitchen

By Todd Vendituoli on Aug 16, 2012

 Unfortunately, not every home is blessed with limitless kitchen space, with counter and shelf space as far as the eye can see. Oftentimes, homeowners have to make do with the little amount of space allocated... Continue reading

windows, construction

Step by Step: Window Trimming

By Todd Vendituoli on Aug 13, 2012

Once we start trimming out the windows the house starts to take on a more finished look and for this project all the trim will be painted. We also don't want any knots from the... Continue reading


Primer: Simple Electrical Wiring

By Todd Vendituoli on Jul 24, 2012

For most people electrical work is something that electrician's do and that is probably a good idea. However it really isn't as hard as it seems. Here's a plastic electrical box that has a yellow... Continue reading


Creating or Remodeling a Space for a Children’s Play Area

By Todd Vendituoli on Jul 19, 2012

Having a dedicated playroom for the kids is not only beneficial for them, but keeps them from hauling their toys into other rooms in the house. This helps to keep the rest of the house... Continue reading

flooring, sustainability, interior design

All About Cork Flooring

By Todd Vendituoli on Jul 17, 2012

Cork flooring is a product that we don't hear about often enough so I thought we would take a closer look and also ask someone that has one installed what they thought. Many uses and... Continue reading


Tyler Vendituoli: Repurposed Art

By Todd Vendituoli on Jul 10, 2012

As the owner of this blog and as someone that usually posts about things construction and the home, I take today to show off our son, Tyler's, art pieces. They are all for sale, of... Continue reading


Flooring Myths Dispelled

By Todd Vendituoli on Jul 05, 2012

Family Flooring Myths Dispelled Myths about certain types of flooring being better than others confuse a lot of homeowners who are struggling to make the right choice. The truth is that the right type of... Continue reading